Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Market 3196 is a shopping mecca for bargain hunters, collectors and those just looking for something different. Made up of many stalls all leased by different stall holders, market goers move through the space selecting items before heading to a centralized check out point. As a stallholder, it couldn’t be more simple - You price your items, tag them, display them and then leave us to do the selling for you while you go out and do the things you love.


When do I receive the profits from my sales?
At the end of each month, you’ll receive a statement detailing your sales for the month. We then deduct our 10% handling fee, your next month's rent, and pay you your profits. Easy as!


Do I have to sign a contract for a specified period?
The contract is month to month but a minimum of 2 months at start up.


Can I upsize or downsize my stall?
Absolutely. For a small fee and depending on availability, stallholders can up size and down size.

What are your hours?
Market 3196 is open 7 days a week from 10am until 5pm (Public Holidays Excluded). We also may on occasion look at extended trading hours for special events.

I like to be able to negotiate prices with customers. How can I do this if I’m not manning my stall?
We know that everyone loves to haggle at markets, so when you lease a stall, we’ll ask you if you’re happy for our staff to negotiate a discounted price on your behalf – you set the maximum discount and we’ll do all the haggling for you. We can also phone you for a decision if customers are offering a discounted price for one of your items.

Can I trust your staff with my items and profits?
 We, the owners, don't work full time at the market. Our manager, Sharon, is however a stall holder. The success of our business relies on stallholders entrusting us with their items and profits. 


How do your stalls compare pricewise with other markets?
Our stalls start at $60.50/mtr per month (plus GST) while some other markets are charging up to $80 just for one day.


What can I sell?
Well what you sell is up to you but we say the more diverse, the better. We want visitors to Market 3196 to experience a retail wonderland that seamlessly mixes the new and the old, the kitsch with the stylish and the hand made to the mass produced. Of course, there are some products that we don’t allow. Pirated software, DVDs or CD’s – Nope.  Adult products – Nope. Smoking paraphernalia – well it depends. Retro cigarette cards, vintage cigarette cases, collectable novelty ashtrays etc.  – Yes. Water pipes, rolling machines etc. – Nope.


What’s your experience?
Market 3196 is managed by a team with experience in administration, sales, construction, hospitality, design, marketing and a proven track record of running a successful market on the peninsula. We pretty much have all the bases covered and have the skills to assist you in making your stall a success and  moving your business forward.

When can I access the site to set up or restock my stall?
Anytime during business hours and by negotiation outside business hours.

Can I work at my stall?
No – sorry. The concept of Market 3196 is that shoppers can casually walk through the space without encountering a salesperson at every stall. It provides for a more relaxed shopping environment, which in our experience, leads to increased sales.

Can you help me with designing my stall?
Definitely. We have an in-house designer who can help you with logo design or in setting up your stall to best display your products. We also have a construction service that can help with small building projects to display your items. Extra costs apply.


I sell upcycled furniture. Is there access for my larger items?
No problem. We have access for just about any item you choose to sell – just remember though, it also needs to fit in the space you’re leasing.

Is there security at Market 3196?
We have security cameras throughout the building. We check bags but we can't guarantee that we have checked ALL bags.

What about insurance?
We cover public liability but it’s up to you to organize your own insurance for your items.

Can I have power at my stall?
No problem, although extra charges will apply.

Is there indoor and outdoor stalls available?
There certainly is.

Is Market 3196 heated or air-conditioned?
We don't have heaters but we have evaporative coolers throughout.